1750 – 1850’s

From the 1750’s to the 1850’s many key components to American music were originated or changed from their initial state in the previous years. Such as in the early 1800’s, when it became common to have printed music accessible to the average person. Most music during this time period was strictly religious, today we still express opinions on religion through lyrical ballads like those of the 17 and 18 hundreds.

Music during the time through the 1750’s to the 1850’s was taken very seriously for many reasons; the main reasons of course being that the new ways of music were new exciting to the people, but also the seriousness had a lot to do with the fact that these peoples religious beliefs were being expressed through this music. For example, the song “Amazing Grace“, still popular today, was John Newton’s way of projecting the idea of forgiveness and redemption still being deemed possible after committing sin. Americans at the time, although very up to date with their own musical compositions, enjoyed older English ballads such as “Froggy went A-courtin” and “Greensleeves“, which are not as formally religious as most of their other popular music. At this time musical groups were being formed to sing sacred music, such as the Dartmouth Handle Society, today we still have very similar musical groups performing.


I chose a picture that is split into two, the lower side is a present day musical group and on the upper side is a picture of a group very much like the “Dartmouth Handle Society”. In these two images alone you are able to see the contrast between the two, as well as the similarities. My reasoning for choosing this photo is to show that although we don’t think of it much, today’s American music could have never happened if it weren’t for people like those in the above picture, we wouldn’t have what is in the bottom photo.

Approaching the end of the 1750 to 1850 time period we were beginning our experiments with learning to record music for long lasting durability, proving that this time period had a huge impact on American music and pushed us even further in several positive directions to evolve into the musically advanced country we are today.




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One Response to 1750 – 1850’s

  1. mlmuntz says:

    You don’t talk much about what was happening in the US at the time, and how that might be related to musical developments.

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